Our bridal countdown box is filled with 10 items for the bride to open on the lead up to the big day. Each one has been carefully selected and will be incredibly useful for the bride, both pre and post wedding. 


Please stop reading now, if you want the product list to be a surprise! *MAJOR SPOILER ALERT*


10 Days To Go: Everything A Bride Should Know Book (For any last minute questions)

9 Days To Go: Mud Mask and Bride Headband (For relaxation)

8 Days To Go: Lip Balm (Ready for the first kiss)

7 Days To Go: Wish Bracelet (One Week to Go!)

6 Days To Go: Bath Bomb (For a Little Down Time)

5 Days To Go: Bride Prosecco Glass (For Your First Cheers)

4 Days To Go: Bride Eye Mask (So You Don't Lose Sleep)

3 Days To Go: Gel Insoles (For Those Dancing Feet)

2 Days To Go: Bride Slippers (For The Wedding Eve and Morning)

1 Day To Go: Lucky Six Pence (For Luck in Your Marriage)


The colour theme you choose will feature throughout the gift set, it will be on the box, ribbons, packaging as well as some of the products including slippers, eye mask, lucky sixpence and prosecco glass!!

Bridal Countdown Box