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Who Are We?

Violet and Emily Limited is a lingerie and personalised nightwear destination that aims to bring women all over the world fashion forward and affordable underwear, nightwear and gifts.

It is our belief that no matter what your age, size or individual style everyone deserves to feel fabulous in their intimates.

We aim to make your intimate apparel drawer vibrant and exciting, ensuring that you feel confident within yourself!

Due to the personalised nature of our garments and gifting services, we are the perfect go-to company for any needs of the bridal party for your big day.


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Who are Violet and Emily?

Violet and Emily were the great grandmothers of the Director (Harriett Cheal). It is our belief here at headquarters that the personas and traits of the real Violet and Emily live on in us all. 

Violet was a head strong, goal orientated woman. Her fiery demeanour was admired by all around her. She was breath taking and resilient. Her composed lifestyle and fierce disposition was idolised. When she talked, people listened. 

Emily was a softer and more gentle lady, whose aim was to please. Her attentive and kind hearted nature brought a smile to countless faces. Her loving and graceful heart filled family and friends with cheer. She was warm and inviting, whose charisma and charm shone brighter than the sun.

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